1.0   Background On Village:-    

1.1    Historical
The people were asked by government to move from Silat to Sungai Moh in 1923 where they have been settling since then.

In 1957, the demarcation of the village sempadan with Long Jeeh was done in Ong Kau. SAO Wan Hashim together with District Officer Morrison were two of the government officers present at the demarcation of the said sempadan. However, there was no record of the said demarcation. The demarcation with Long Selaan was also done in 1957 in the presence of District Officer Espuren. Long Selaan claimed that there is a record on the demarcation.

Sometime in 1957, a Forest Department Officer, Mr. Leong and five others went to Long Moh to rentice the area applied for communal Forest Reserve. The area was considered to be too small then (only 120 acres) and an extension to the area was requested.

Today, the sempadan with the two neighbouring longhouse, Long Jeeh and Long Selaan, have yet to be defined and demarcated due to the adsence of a record on the early demarcation.

1.2    General
The whole village has more than 80 doors with a population of more than 1000 persons. Most of the people here belong to the Roman Catholic and the Sidang Injil Borneo Churches. At the same time, there is also a segment of the community who is still practicing the Bungan religion, which is a form animism.

2.0  Matters Raised By The People:-    

2.1    The People wanted to know why they were told they do not have rights to their land when they have been there for so long already and each longhouse has been given sempadan and land of their own long ago.

2.2    Having applied for Identity Cards and Birth Certificates during the special visit of the National Registration Department in 1986, the people are anxious to know the status and progress of the application as to date, no documents of any sort have been received by them.

Our moto

1. The Kenyah Lepu’ Tau Association(KELEPUT) is to empower and strengthen the relationship between younger and older generations of ethnic Kenyah and Kenyah ethnic Lepu’ Tau in particular, to ensure the culture, customs and people are not lost to history.

2. Aims to foster and uphold the spirit of unity, in one accord and echoed among the ethnic communities of the pit of the nation Kenyah and descents Lepu’ Tau in particular in accordance with the slogan ‘PEBEKA TAWAI’ which means mutual unity in diversity to continue moving forward in tandem with other nations in Sarawak particular and general in Malaysia.

3. Bridge the gap and strengthen the ties of kinship, brotherhood among the members wherever located for Lepu’ Tau uphold the nation on the world stage.

4. Organize and manage the activities of the cultural patterns and so on for the purpose of preserving the traditions, customs and cultural descendants Lepu’ Tau.

5. Help to improve the socio-economic status of its members by providing a platform that is open and conducive to the activities of a nature and economic nature.